Request Brush Collection via email

Large brush is collected curbside with a simple request.  To request brush collection either call 788-7740 ext. 1 or email the statement below to  (make sure to include your specific address).

                              “I request brush collection at 123 My Street on the next available collection date”

Please contact the Clerk’s Office at 788-7740 ext. 201 if you are having difficulty sending the email request.
The Village has adopted this brush collection procedure to help streamline the delivery of that service. 

NOTE:  If the email link is not working, please check to see if you have a pop-up or ad blocker running. The email link opens in a new tab/window.

Brush Collection: (updated 6/20/2023)

The village has adopted this brush collection procedures to help streamline the delivery of that service. 

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Brush is collected weekly, on Wednesdays, April through July
  2. Brush is collected on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from August through October.
  3. The Village will collect Christmas trees after the holidays – see collection calendar for specific dates.
  4. Residents are required to contact the village to request collection of brush. 
    Residents must call or email no later than 3:00pm on the day before collection. 
  5. All brush must be on the terrace as of 6:30am on the collection day.

Brush Collection Rules

  1. Curbside brush collection is provided for tree pruning only.
    The service is not provided when an entire tree has been removed.
  2. Curbside brush collection is not provided when it has been cleared or removed from vacant land or when the property owner has paid another individual or commercial service to prune the tree(s). Petrified wood is not collected curbside but can be disposed of at the yard waste site for residents with a valid yard waste permit.
  3. Small brush piles, thorny brush and evergreen branches must be bundled with string/twine at a maximum of 2 feet in diameter. Brush is not to be placed in any container.
  4. Roots/root balls must be removed from brush. They can be placed in your regular garbage cart.
  5. Large brush piles are limited to 4 feet high (from ground level) by 4 feet wide and piled so that all cut ends are facing the same direction. Each 4’ x 4’ brush pile must be a minimum of 2’ away from the next pile.
  6. A site will be established for one month each year for residents to drop-off brush that is not collected curbside or allowed at the yard waste site. The month will be set at the discretion of the Director of Public Works and based on weather conditions.
  7. Failure to comply with these collection rules will result in denial of service and a municipal citation after 10 days of non-compliance.