Clerk Treasurer

The Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator’s office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 4:00PM, except for holidays. 

We welcome you to visit this office with questions or concerns regarding any village operations.  This office serves as a hub for all of the departments.  Here, you can get information regarding any of the following:  building permits/fees/zoning, ordinance information, local, elected officials, park rental, community room rental, refuse and recycling collection, board/commission meetings and minutes, voter registration and elections, property assessment information, special assessments, water and sewer bills, and real estate and personal property tax information. You can pay your water bill, real estate tax, special assessment, dog license fee, park or community room rental fee, or building permit fee at this office.  Cash and checks are accepted.  Debit & credit cards are also accepted, but a convenience fee is charged.