2021 Property Revaluation

The Village of Combined Locks will be performing a market revaluation in 2021. The last time Combined Locks performed a revaluation of all property was in 2017. Since then, the market has changed and assessed values no longer reflect the current market.

The state of Wisconsin is a Market Value state. This means property values are required to mirror the fair market value of comparable properties to ensure property owners are paying their fair share of taxes.

The fair market value of all property is calculated by reviewing arm’s length sales between a willing seller and a willing buyer on the open market. Assessors consider information from many sources to determine your assessment.

Assessors will be reviewing market sales from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Sales after the new year will not be used to determine your new value. The property tax bill you receive in December of 2021 will be based on the new assessment value of your property.

Assessors don’t set tax rates. There are no additional taxes collected by the village during a revaluation. The revaluation does not change the amount of tax collected by the village, county, school district or technical college.

Timeline of Revaluation:

You have until 48 hours before Board of Review to contact the assessor about your new value.

To set up an appointment
Navigate to www.accurateassessor.com , then click the APPOINTMENTS link on top of the screen. If you do not have Internet access, please call 1-800-770-3927 to schedule an open book appointment.

 Board of Review

  • 06/07/21 beginning at 5:30pm to 7:30pm (minimum)

Board of Review functions like court and is required to evaluate evidence based on facts. You or your representative must provide factual evidence that your property is inequitably assessed. The burden of proof is solely on the taxpayer. The assessor’s value is presumed correct by State Law until proven otherwise.

Completed Timeline items

Open Book 

Telephone Open Book Appointments will be available

  • Wednesday May 5th from 2-6 pm
  • Thursday May 6th from 2-6 pm

The Assessment Roll will be available for in-person viewing

  • Wednesday May 5th from 4-6 pm

Open book is a conference, either face-to-face or over the phone, with an assessor to discuss the value of your property.

  • April: Notice of new value will be mailed to property owners
  • Jan – Feb: Assessor reviews previous year’s sales and market data
  • Feb – March: Trespass letter will be sent to properties assessors need to visit
  • Jan – March: Permits and sales are verified
  • March – April: Comparable market data used to revalue all property